Oak Veneer Flush Pre-finished On sale!

Oak Veneer Flush Pre-finished

From: £119.50 From: £116.50


Material: American White Oak Veneered Flush Pre-finished
Panel design: Flush with no grooves or features
Raised Moulding: None
Glazing: None
Construction: Semi-Solid Core (Engineered) fire doors are all provided with a solid particleboard core
Finish: Factory Lacquered – Pre-finished

1981 x 457 x 35 (78 x 18)£119.50 £116.50#M-OAKFLU18
1981 x 533 x 35 (78 x 21)£119.50 £116.50#M-OAKFLU21
1981 x 610 x 35 (78 x 24)£119.50 £117.50#M-OAKFLU24
1981 x 686 x 35 (78 x 27)£119.50 £117.50#M-OAKFLU27
1981 x 762 x 35 (78 x 30)£119.50 £117.50#M-OAKFLU30
1981 x 838 x 35 (78 x 33)£119.50 £117.50#M-OAKFLU33
1981 x 610 x 44 (78 x 24) FD30£131.50 £127.50#M-OAKFLUFD24
1981 x 686 x 44 (78 x 27) FD30£131.50 £127.50#M-OAKFLUFD27
1981 x 762 x 44 (78 x 30) FD30£131.50 £127.50#M-OAKFLUFD30
1981 x 838 x 44 (78 x 33) FD30£131.50 £127.50#M-OAKFLUFD33
1981 x 914 x 44 (78 x 36) FD30£132.50 £128.50#M-OAKFLUFD36


The Oak Veneer Flush Pre-finished door is from one of our more popular modern ranges, that will enhance any interior. The range has designs featuring flat flush surfaces with no grooves. Interesting, distinctive, and individually tailored to be in total empathy with the respective model, remains not only a key design feature, but also a huge factor in the enduring and unwavering success of this exceptional good value flush door range.

These doors are perfect for an interior where a flush non-obtrusive plain door design simplifies the look of a room giving it an elegant and sophisticated feel. As these doors are pre-finished there is no work required to be carried out onsite on them. The door is available in both a standard 35mm thickness and in a 44mm thick fire door option as well.

The majority of our Internal and External doors are manufactured with engineered component parts. This ensures that the doors provide a solid feel, and the engineering brings an advantage in terms of strength and stability. All of our engineered doors are faced with veneers and matching lipping along their edges like the Oak Veneer Flush Pre-finished door.

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We are committed to providing a range of doors that are environmentally responsible, and are fully committed to upholding the principles of both FSC and PEFC. We source our doors from manufacturers who source their materials from well managed forests. Therefore an increasing amount of the products we supply are FSC & PEFC accredited. We try to ensure that products on our website satisfy the relevant criteria. Please ask for more information if you require it.