Aspect Walnut Pre-finished Firedoor

Aspect Walnut Pre-finished Firedoor



Material: American Black Walnut
Panel design: Vertical Grained Flush Design
Raised Moulding: None
Glazing: None
Construction: Solid Timber Core (Engineered – Fire Doors are Solid Core) – 1 Year Manufacturer Guarantee
Finish: Factory Pre-finished Clear Satin Lacquer

1981 x 610 x 44 (78 x 24) FD30#M-WASP24
1981 x 686 x 44 (78 x 27) FD30#M-WASP27
1981 x 762 x 44 (78 x 30) FD30#M-WASP30
1981 x 838 x 44 (78 x 33) FD30#M-WASP33


The Aspect Walnut Pre-finished firedoor is from one of our more popular modern ranges, that will enhance any interior. The range has designs has vertical grooves with flat flush surfaces. This door has a solid timber core.

As part of our standard oak doors supplied pre-finished with a quality open pore clear satin lacquer and they do not require any onsite finishing at all other than edge finishing where the door may be planed to suit an opening. They are supplied with a crown cut cross-directional veneered face as well.

Our pre-finished walnut internal doors are part of a range of more modern styled doors that boast striking aesthetics and are factory lacquer pre-finished to meet the most exacting requirements of any build or renovation. They will enhance the character and look of any room and make a stylish impression whatever the surroundings, whether it is a modern flat or an imposing period residence with a modern interior.

Have a look at our other ranges within our website, we are sure that you will find an appropriate style of door for your property or project if this door does not meed your needs.

The majority of our Internal and External doors are manufactured with engineered component parts. This ensures that the doors provide a solid feel, and the engineering brings an advantage in terms of strength and stability. All of our engineered doors are faced with veneers and matching lipping along their edges just like the Aspect Walnut Pre-finished door.

35mm thick doors have a semi-solid construction and come with a 10mm solid timber lipping on each edge and a 5mm lipping on the top and bottom edges, our fire doors come constructed with a solid core and with 20mm lipping on the edges with a 10mm lipping on the top and bottom edges.

The Aspect Walnut pre-finished door is only available in 44mm FD30