BESPOKE Kensington External Door


Bespoke MR MDF panelled Utile Timber Hardwood Door

Bespoke MR MDF panelled Utile Timber Hardwood Door

DESIGN: The design and construction of your door depends on whether you plan to apply wood stain, where your door and panels would need to be made from the same material, or if it will be painted, where the panels can be made from a manmade material to help keep the costs down.

For high traffic areas, we would recommend Utile hardwood or European oak, or if the door is within a porch or isn’t used regularly, softwood (Douglas Fir or Hemlock) will be fine. The manmade panels are an excellent choice for painted doors since they are inherently stable and do not warp, crack or split.

The thickness of the door will be from 44mm to 57mm generally and the size will be determined by your design.

The core of the door in the example picture to the left is Utile timber and the panel is a manmade moisture resistant MDF.


Selection of Painted Hardwood Doors

Supply us on our quote request form with a hand drawn design and / or pictures and sizes or even Architect’s drawings and we will be very happy to come back to you with a quote within a few days.

GLAZING: We can also supply double glazed or encapsulated glass units for these doors in any design you would like to copy, as long as you supply good quality pictures, most designs can be copied. Encapsulation is a benefit where security and/or insulation are of interest. The traditional leaded glazing which we supply is made up from individual pieces of glass mounted in lead channel and then cemented. For a variety of reasons, this cannot be used as one side of a double glazed unit and so the leaded panel is sandwiched between two more panes of toughened glass, effectively making a triple glazed unit. A further advantage of this method is that the leaded lights retain their character while being easier to clean.

HOW LONG TO MAKE THE DOOR?: This will depend on the style of door and the chosen options. Our standard lead time for an unglazed door is around 2-3 weeks plus delivery time to site and it also depends upon the workload of the Joinery workshop. Stained glass will add a further 7-10 days and encapsulated leaded glazing adds approximately 14 to 17 days.



Bespoke Hardwood 6 Panel External Door

Bespoke Hardwood 6 Panel External Door

The Bespoke Kensington External Door is manufactured here in Britain by our Joinery shop. We use FSC sources for our timber where appropriate. The construction of the doors depends entirely on the design supplied to us by you.

No design is impossible to manufacture, however, the more complicated the design and features of the mouldings on the door, the more expensive it can become. All our bespoke doors can be made to any size, please ask us for a quote on our quote request form.

All our external and internal bespoke doors are made with mortice & tenon joints. The doors that we construct using these traditional methods are proved as being highly resilient as long as our Care and Maintenance of Doors instruction and guidelines are followed implicitly. Timber is a natural product and will require maintenance on a regular basis.

The external hardwood doors we make can be made from a variety of timbers. We generally use either European Oak or Utile hardwood timber as the timbers of choice. The panels can be made from moisture resistant MDF or waterproof laminated flat panels as well as solid timber. These bespoke doors are therefore eminently suitable as external doors to any property.


Examples of other bespoke doors

You should ensure that where a door will be exposed to the weather that maintenance should be very regular and using a door on part of a building without providing an adequate overhang or canopy or an appropriate finish colour can invalidate any warranty. An adequate overhang depends on the typical weather conditions of the area where the door is to be used, but at the very minimum means an overhang projecting a distance from the structure equal to one half the distance between the bottom of the door and the bottom of the overhang at the point which is farthest from the door. This generally is over 1.2m.

Our bespoke external and internal doors are guaranteed by us for a period of 1 year. This guarantee only covers the costs of replacing the door itself and does not cover any other incidental or fitting costs and is entirely dependent on the colour chosen, the overhang or canopy depth and how the door was installed and finished. Please see our bespoke door warranty.

Please contact us to discuss your design and construction options with this type of door. You can ask us for a quote on our quote request form or call us on 020 3743 7324.