75mm Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Hinge Pairs

75mm Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Hinge Pairs



Material: Stainless Steel ball bearing hinge pairs – Grade 11 Rated
Size: 75mm high x 49mm wide x 3mm thick
Design: Grade 11 Rated Steel Hinges
Finish: Satin, Polished or Electro Brassed Finishes

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75mm Electro Brass#HBB.3X2.EB
75mm Polished Steel#HBB.3X2.PS
75mm Satin Steel#HBB.3X2.SS


75mm stainless steel ball bearing hinge pairs complement our handles and handles packs.  Usually a door would be hung with three 75mm ball bearing hinges on a non-fire rated door.

Please note that FD30 hinges are 100mm stainless steel ball bearing as they will be rated as Grade 13 fire check certificated hinges. These 75mm Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Hinge Pairs are rated as Grade 11 hinges and they are not suitable for 30 minute fire doors. They are also supplied in the handle packs that we can supply as well.

They come in a variety of finishes including electro brassed, satin (matt) steel and polished steel. Please ask us for details.

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