Redwood Door Lining Frame

From: £46.50


Material: Redwood Engineered Linings (Overall size is 2130mm high)
Rebate design: Fixed stop rebate supplied
Info: Can take up to 1981×838 (78×33) door
Construction: Solid Laminated Redwood Timber Construction (Engineered)
Finish: Unfinished – ready for paint or varnish finishing

44 X 108 (2130mm leg length)£46.50#RDL22108
22 x 133 (2130mm leg length)£51.50#RDL22133


The Redwood Door Lining Frame comes with a fixed stop rebate and is supplied without a cill or threshold, and is part of our “trade” range of engineered solid laminated constructed frames, made using a laminated redwood (softwood). Key features/benefits include: the frame is adjustable (by a carpenter) to suit any smaller size of door than the size rating of the frame and can be inward or outward opening; all timber used in the manufacture of the frames comes from well managed sources; all frames are supplied ready for final preparation prior to finishing with a suitable treatment.

This door frame does not come with a threshold. The overall size of the frame is 2130mm high x 108mm wide (or 133mm wide) x 22mm thick, which will take a standard 35mm thick door. Suitable to take up to 1981×838 (78×33) door.

Although we do not demand that our internal unfinished products are finished in any particular product, we do stipulate that only the use of a solvent based treatment affording at least the same level of protection as provided by the external Sikkens Rubbol and Cetol system constitutes an acceptable alternative and consequently, it is only in these circumstances that any conditional Guarantee can be offered.

The majority of our Internal and External doors and frames are manufactured with engineered component parts. This ensures that the doors and frames provide a solid feel, and the engineering brings an advantage in terms of strength and stability. The frames are easily adjusted to suit smaller sizes and are versatile in where they can be placed within a property. If you have any questions regarding the solid Redwood Door Lining Frame please call the Sales Team on 020 3743 7324.

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We are committed to providing a range of doors and frames that are environmentally responsible, and are fully committed to upholding the principles of both FSC and PEFC. We source our doors and frames from manufacturers who source their materials from well managed forests. Therefore an increasing amount of the products we supply are FSC & PEFC accredited. We try to ensure that products on our website satisfy the relevant criteria. Please ask for more information if you require it.

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