Fitting is now restricted to construction sites or for essential maintenance, see below notes.

  • Our fitting teams are still working on construction sites at this time as all residential work bar maintenance work has been stopped by the Government to protect families through limiting contact with other people.  Essential maintenance work, for example to replace damaged doors after a break-in, etc., are still able to be carried out,
  • Our fitters working in construction sites or carrying out essential maintenance work will clean any surfaces they touch before leaving, and you can ask them to wear gloves and masks as necessary,
  • Finally, we will continue to monitor and change our services in line with current Health & Safety and Government advice and will update our services accordingly.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on any of the above.

We care very deeply about the welfare of all our staff and customers and will continue to do our utmost to support you during this period, assuring you of our teams’ dedication throughout these difficult times.

A final thought: please be kind to each other and following Government advice keep yourself and your families safe as we’re all affected by this virus in one way or another. 

The Trading Doors Team

Door Fitting Service in the Central London area

And some postcodes on the outskirts



We offer a door fitting service for any of the doors that we supply in the Central London area and in some outlying postcodes. Please see the price list on this page. These prices are for the labour costs only and do not include the door, furniture or finishing costs. Please ask us for any information about our fitting services or if you require a more in-depth explanation about how the service works.

We will only fit any door supplied by us, which includes any internal, fire or external door as well as bespoke steel doors and frames. We also fit bespoke wooden doors and frames that we make as well. We fit new frames, any door furniture and locks or latches into the door as part of the service. The fitting fees for any unusual items, like Banham or extra locks, are listed on the bottom of this page. The fees do not include the cost of the doors or the door furniture.

Fitting is normally carried out during Monday to Friday working hours, just ask us for more information. We can carry out some weekend installations, but this cannot be guaranteed to be offered or met.

Our carpenters / fitters are our sub-contractors, whom we recommend and employ on your behalf. They will need to carry out an initial site survey – carried out before you buy the doors from us – and this is arranged over the phone by our Sales team. Please email or call us to arrange a survey at your property. The rates for carrying out onsite surveys are included in the price list on this page as well. If you decide you would like to go ahead with a fitting job from us the survey fee can be charged for separately and is not refunded if you decide post-survey not to go ahead with the installation.

So that you know whether we are able to, and can carry out a fitting service at your property, we like to offer you an indicative quote first before we arrange a site survey. This is to ensure that you are happy with the estimated price before you decide to commit to the survey costs. There are a number of items we need to know first, as follows:

  • Is there ample parking or can parking permits be provided for the measure and fitting dates? We can source these on your behalf at cost. There needs to be parking available right outside the property to allow the fitters to park their vans and have access to their tools during the fitting days.
  • Is there good enough access to the site/property, i.e. are lifts provided if above the third floor?  Is there access to get a frame in? Access to the area that they will be working in must be free from any obstructions as any delays to the works being carried out will be chargeable.
  • Is there an area large enough to work in, free from any furniture or clutter? Our fitters have their own vacuums and dust sheets and will prepare the area prior to working on the doorways. They will clean thoroughly after they finish. Be aware that there may be some fine dust left behind that will need to be cleaned after they have gone. We recommend removing items affected by dust prior to the installation.
  • Are you available for measures on the weekend as well as evenings or mornings during the week?  Our fitters will need to be with you long enough to measure the doors or doorways and to have a brief chat with you regarding the logistics of power onsite, working areas and what works they will recommend to us to be carried out as part of the fitting service.

If the fitters determine that you might need draught excluders or new door stops on your frames, or sundry items need to be supplied, like sand and cement for external doors, silicones or sealants, etc., they will give our Sales team a list, which will be priced up as part of the finalised quote.

There is a time element to be allowed for with the fitting of any door. Firstly the survey needs to be carried out, then post survey the price of the installation needs to be agreed with you. The next stage will see the doors ordered and frames, handles and door furniture and any sundries. Finally the doors, frames and door furniture need to be delivered to site and any finishing (painting, varnishing or wood staining) needs to be carried out onsite by your painters as necessary as we currently do not offer a full finishing service on our doors, only some of them qualify for full finishing – like the steel doors and some of the internal and external doors we supply, please ask us to clarify which ones. Finally, the fitters will attend site and fit the doors and frames and any door furniture.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to fit an external door and frame if it has not been primed and undercoated or wood stained prior to the fitters visit to carry out the installation. The door and frame must be sealed against the elements and moisture ingress before an installation. If we come to site and they are not prepared, we will have to charge for the missed fitting dates at 80% of the daily rates per carpenter onsite.

We hope that this helps to explain the processes involved. If there is anything here that you need explained or you would like to get more clarity on, please call us on 020 3743 7324 or drop us a line by email on

Measure and Fitting Fees (including VAT) – Updated end Dec 2019

PLEASE NOTE: The cost of the door and door furniture is NOT included with the fitting fees and these costs do not apply to the steel security doors we supply, as these cost from £675.00 per installation.  Please ask us for a quote and we will be happy to provide you with one.

Area – West End & City:

Postcodes covered by this area: W1, W2, WC1, WC2, SW1, SW3, SW7, SW8, N1, NW1, NW8, EC1, EC2, EC3 and EC4.

Area – London:

Postcodes covered by this area: Includes all E postcodes (except for E6, E13 and E16); includes all EN postcodes (except for EN9, EN10 and EN11); includes all HA postcodes (except for HA4 and HA6); includes IG4, IG5, IG8, IG9 and IG10; includes all N postcodes (except for N1); includes all NW postcodes (except for NW1 and NW8); includes WD6, WD7 and WD23; includes UB5 and UB6; includes SW2, SW6 and SW10; and includes all W postcodes (except for W1 and W2).

Area – Outer London:

Postcodes covered by this area: Includes all AL postcodes (except for AL3, AL5 and AL6); includes HA4 and HA6; includes all WD postcodes (except for WD6, WD7, and WD23); and includes all UB postcodes (except for UB5 and UB6).

Other Areas Around London:

Price on application: there will be an out of area distance travel charge starting from £80.00 per fitting day to be added.

Price List:

Measure Fee: £120.00 (included in fitting cost minimums for each job)

External doors:

External Single Door into existing frame: from £480.00

External Single Frame and Door: from £660.00 (Composite Door and Frame: from £580.00)

External Single Frame and Door with Sidelight(s): from £900.00 (Composite Door and Frame with Sidelight(s): from £830.00)

External Single Frame and Door with Fanlight: from £830.00

External Double Door: from £700.00

External Double Door and Frame: from £900.00

External Double Door and Frame with Sidelight(s): from £1050.00

Internal standard doors:

One Internal Single Door: from £240.00 per door (this only applies to a single door installation)

Two or more Internal Single Doors: from £180.00 per door

Internal Single Frame and Door: £340.00 per door

Internal Double Door: from £360.00

Internal Double Door and Frame: from £510.00

4 Door Room Divider: from £700.00

4 Door Room Divider and Frame: from £860.00

4 Door Room Divider and Toplight with Frame: from £1050.00

Internal FD30 fire doors:

One Single FD30 fire rated Fire Door: £240.00 (this only applies to a single door installation)

Two or more Single FD30 fire rated Fire Doors: £240.00 per door

External or Apartment FD30 fire doors:

External Single Apartment FD30 fire rated Door: from £335.00

External Single Apartment FD30 fire rated Frame and Door: from £495.00

Fitting Extra’s:

Extra mortice deadlocks or sashlocks: £65.00 per lock

Banham deadlock and Nightlatch lock fitting fee: £145.00 per lock

Door Dropseal including routering into bottom of door: £114.00

Intumescent smokeseals for single fire doors, including routering the door or frame as appropriate: £75.00 per door set

Door stops for internal doors: £54.00 per single door set, supplied painted primed white

Hardwood door stops for external doors routered for weatherseal gasket: £90.00 per single door set, supplied painted primed white

Softwood or MDF Architrave sets supplied for internal doors and painted primed white and installed on both sides of a single doorway: from £150.00

Skirting prices on application

Door and Door Furniture Disposal Fees:

External Door: £35.00 each – External Frame: £28.00 each – Internal Door: £30.00 each – Internal Frame: £21.00 each

For anything else not listed here please ask for a quote on our quote form.